Brightening Up Sunrise Senior Living

As part of East Coast Volunteer Service Day 2016, the Church of God in Maryland visited Sunrise Senior Living of Silver Spring to cheer up senior citizens.

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Military Family Appreciation Festival

The Church of God in Maryland held the Military Family Appreciation Festival at Fort Meade to honor service members and their families for their sacrifices.

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Children’s Group Hosts Biblical Play

The Church of God in Maryland hosted a children's biblical play titled "Jonah and the Whale." The children prepared weeks in advance to put on a great play, rehearsing their lines and preparing props.

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Family BBQ

To kick off the spring season, the Church of God hosted a family BBQ to embrace the warm weather and enjoy some genuine fun with neighbors and family.

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Multiple Sclerosis Walk

Believing that their efforts would bring the world a step closer to finding a cure, members of the Church of God in Maryland volunteered at the Annapolis MS Walk.

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